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Support Services for International Students and Scholars

Internal Resources

Career Center

Information focused on assisting all international students with the career development process including the internship and job search process in the U.S. and beyond. 

For more information visit the Career Center website.

Center for American English Language & Culture

English as a Second Language (ESL) services at the University are offered through the Center for American English Language and Culture (CAELC). CAELC is charged both to provide leadership on issues related to ESL/intercultural communication and to help members of the University of Virginia community attain the level of linguistic and cultural proficiency needed for success at a research university in the United States.

For more information visit the CAELC website.

Contemplative Sciences Center

The CSC promotes health, belonging, resilience and flourishing through an array of drop-in classes, programs, and apps. Join the mailing list. Download the self-care checklist. Join a mindfulness meet up. Send suggestions through the program request form.

For more information visit the CSC website.

English Conversation Partners

Get matched with a conversation partner and enjoy relaxed conversation, English language practice, and cultural exchange. The Language Consultant Program is open to adult family members of UVA affiliates, as well.  For more information, email VISAS (Volunteers with International Students, Staff, and Scholars) or check out our programs at

For more information visit the English Conversation Partners website.

Global Greeters

Have questions or curiosities about everyday life, like where to shop or how to interpret something unfamiliar? Email the Global Greeters. These trained student volunteers (grad and undergrad) are a great source of informal advice and information. You can also apply to become a Greeter!

For more information visit the Global Greeters website.

Hoos Connected

Hoos Connected at UVA brings together groups of students to get to know one another while discussing the key components of making meaningful connections. Led by two trained upper-class student facilitators, groups of 6-10 students engage in activities and dialogue about what brings us together, what can keep us apart, and how these things manifest at UVA.

For more information visit the Hoos Connected website.

International Center

From cooking classes to English language programs and fieldtrips, the Lorna Sundberg International Center is a hub for exploring both cultural differences and local community. Sign up here to receive the monthly newsletter. 

For more information visit the International Center website.

International Student Support Circle

This is a weekly support space for international students to discuss common issues as they adjust to the culture in the U.S. and on UVA Grounds. This support circle provides international students with the extra support they need to strengthen their capacity for resilience and deepen their sense of belonging.

For more information visit the CAPS website. You can also contact Dr. Baozhen Xie, Clinical Psychologist at CAPS at and Dr. Caren Freeman at

Multicultural Student Services

Multicultural Student Services (MSS), as part of the Office of the Dean of Students, aims to promote inclusion and engagement for historically underrepresented students.

For more information visit the MSS website.

Multilingual Outreach Volunteer Effort (MOVE)

Use your language skills to make a positive impact on UVA and the Charlottesville community. The MOVE Program is looking for multilingual individuals to help immigrant and refugee speakers of other languages gain access to information about crucial community services.

For more information visit the MOVE website.

Parents Guide

Get to know UVA!

For more information visit the UVA Parents website.

Schedule an Appointment with ISO Advisor

Feel free to schedule an appointment with an advisor in our office if you are unsure where to turn for information, advice, and support. We would be happy to help!

For more information visit ISSP Connect.

Student Organizations

Discover unique opportunities to connect with peers at University of Virginia from cultural organizations, academia to hobbies! 

For more information visit the Student Organization website

Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services provides low-cost, confidential legal assistance to University of Virginia students. We provide legal help on a wide variety of legal matters, including representation in Charlottesville/Albemarle area courts. No fee is charged for consultations. All fees are minimal.

For more information visit the SLS website.

Student Safety and Support

We're committed to creating the safest possible living and learning environment. The intervention and prevention resources outlined on this page were developed in direct response to real-life situations observed and reported by students like you.

Total Advising

This site is a warehouse of information and resources about student organizations and support services offered across Grounds.

For more information visit the Total Advising website.

UVA Global

a unit of the Office of the Provost

For more information visit the UVA Global website.


Join a semi-structured weekly chat group and make new friends in the cozy Language Commons. VISAS Café is open to family members of UVA affiliates, as well. (Children must be accompanied by adults.) Email VISAS (Volunteers with International Students, Staff, and Scholars) for more information or check out our programs at

For more information visit the VISAS program website.



External Resources

Cell Phone Providers
Charlottesville Community
Department of Motor Vehicles
Social Security
Study in the States 
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