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Regulations and Reporting Requirements

Regulations and Reporting Requirements

The regulations and reporting requirements outlined below are established by the U.S. government for all J-1 and J-2 Exchange Visitors.  It is important that you fully understand these items.  Any violation of these regulations and requirements can result in termination of your program and loss of legal status in the U.S.  If you have any questions or need additional clarification, please contact the ISO for assistance.

Orientation and Check In

Attend a New J-1 Scholar Orientation no later than 30 days after the start date indicated on your DS-2019. You register online and will receive a link once you choose the date for the orientation. 

Valid Passport

You must maintain a valid, unexpired passport for the duration of your program. If your passport is going to expire within the next 6 months, you will need to contact the Embassy of your home country for instructions on how to extend your passport.

Current U.S. address

U.S. government regulations state that any change of address must be reported through SEVIS within 10 days of your move. To report changes of address, update your local physical and mailing address in your Scholar Profile in ISSP Connect. Please note that informing your department administrator of your change of address does not mean that your SEVIS record will be updated. ISSP Connect will update SEVIS automatically with this required information.

Maintain J-1 status medical insurance

The U.S. Government requires J-1 and J-2 visa status holders to maintain insurance that covers sickness or accidents during the period of time that the exchange visitor participates in the sponsor's exchange visitor program, and which offers the following minimum levels of coverage:

·         $100,000 per accident or illness with a deductible of not more than $500;

·         Repatriation of remains, in the event of death, in the amount of $25,000; and

·         Expenses associated with medical evacuation to your home country or to your country of permanent residence in the amount of $50,000.

All J-1 visa holders and their dependents with J-2 status must be covered by medical insurance. Failure to obtain/maintain medical insurance results in the termination of your program and immediate loss of legal status. Additional information on this requirement is detailed here.

J-1 Status Transfer

If you intend to move from UVA permanently to continue your J-1 program at another U.S. institution, please contact the ISO well in advance to discuss transferring your J-1 status. You can request to transfer your J-1 program to another U.S. institution, but there are limitations and regulations controlling this process, so it is important to speak with any advisor well in advance of any prospective move.

J-1 Scholar Work Rules

Any/all employment in the U.S. is limited to the professional field/discipline indicated on your DS-2019 (item #4) and to cognate fields and disciplines.  Any payment/income from your host department is allowed.  Any remuneration from other departments or from non-UVA entities may be possible under very specific situations but requires written authorization from the ISO in advance. No employment or payment from a U.S. source outside UVA can occur without prior discussion and written permission from the ISO.


If you leave the country during your program, you must first obtain a signature on your DS-2019 form before leaving the country.  Advisors at the ISO are the only people authorized to sign these documents. You must submit a travel signature request through your ISSP portal. You will need to upload a copy of your passport and visa before you submit the request. If you fail to obtain a travel signature before leaving, you risk being denied admission upon re-entry or being detained by the Customs and Border Patrol Officer. 

Reporting changes to program

Any changes to your program must be reported to the ISO. Report local residential address, program dates, and site(s) of activity within 10 days of the change. All changes can be reported using ISSP Connect.