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Tax Reporting

The annual tax filing requirement in the U.S. is April-May. Federal taxes are due April 15. Virginia state taxes are due May 1. All F and J visa holders are required to file tax forms regardless of whether they received income in the U.S.  There may not be a tax liability, but it is a requirement that the tax forms are submitted to the government.  In February-March, the ISO will provide free tax preparation software to assist with this process. Please check your university email for information regarding taxes. 

Whether a particular scholar with J-1 status who will be paid by UVa. is, in fact, liable for tax withholding (and, if so, how much) depends on a number of things unique to the scholar’s situation. This complication means that the ISO cannot answer your questions or concerns in the matter of tax withholding.

If you will be paid by U.Va. and you have questions about tax withholding, please contact University Human Resources (HR): Logan Hobbs, Foreign National Tax Advisor, 914 Emmet Street, tel 924-1377, email .