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A Division of the International Studies Office


The International Students and Scholars Program (ISSP) strives to address the unique needs of the international student and scholar community, including cultural, social, educational as well as legal issues in regard to their immigration status. Additionally, the ISSP administers the F and J visa programs on behalf of the University. ISSP supports all students, researchers, faculty, and official short-term visitors who are neither citizens nor permanent residents of the U.S. by:

  •  Certifying eligible internationals for participation in the above mentioned visa programs
  •  Advising on matters related to acquiring and maintaining legal presence in the U.S.
  •  Supporting transition to American society and culture
  •  Offering guidance on policies and procedures
  •  Providing assistance for crisis intervention

ISSP collaborates with University divisions and departments by informing them of the complex and frequently changing U.S. immigration laws and regulations. The ISSP’s comprehensive website includes information and forms for international students, scholars, and international employees, as well as information for departmental use.