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Global Greeters at UVA

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2023 Airbus Q&A (passcode: a*.3=5SC)

Events Hosted by Global Greeters: Picnics on the lawn - Looking for some friends to eat lunch with? Bring a packed lunch and join Global Greeters on the lawn for a casual picnic! We’re so excited to meet you! Shopping Trips - Need dorm essentials from Barracks Shopping Center? Need help figuring out bus routes? Our Global Greeters are here to help! Insider's Tours - Curious about where the yummiest place to grab a meal between classes is? Want to know where you can find free printing? Our Global Greeters have the inside scoop.

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Each fall, over 700 international undergraduate and graduate students arrive at the University of Virginia. Not only do these students face the challenges of entering a new university, they also face the challenges of dealing with a new culture that is often extremely different from their own.

Through the Global Greeters program, UVA students work with the International Studies Office to assist and welcome incoming international undergraduate and graduate students during the summer before their arrival and in their first weeks at UVA. Global Greeters come together to welcome international students arriving to UVA via Student Council's AirBus Service and can be identified by their name tags and light blue Global Greeters T-Shirts. Many of the activities Global Greeters offer are organized by themselves and are meant to provide support and be a resource to new students. Global Greeters events are intended for incoming international students and exchange students, but all are welcome.

Global Greeters Contacts

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Recruitment for new greeters takes place at the start of each spring semester.


Be a full-time student at UVA, complete an application and interview process, attend training sessions.

Take an active part in the planning and organization of the program and attend Global Greeters meetings and activities.

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Global Greeters are NOT responsible for and should NOT feel obligated to:

  • Offer housing to students, either during the academic year or during vacations.
  • Provide transportation to and from the airport or within the city.
  • Spend any money on, or loan any money to the student for food, clothes, entertainment, etc.
  • Give advice on or intervene in academic, legal, or employment matters.