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Extensions and Transfers

Extensions and Transfers

Program Extensions

In order to extend, you must first discuss your plans with your host faculty in the department hosting your J-1 program. If the department agrees to continue to sponsor your research activities at UVA they will complete the extension request on line process.  Once approved, a new DS-2019 will be issued with an amended program end date and you will be notified to pick up the form.  Your legal status in the U.S. will automatically be extended through the date listed on the new form plus the 30 day Grace Period.  There is no need to leave the country or obtain a new visa stamp in order to extend your legal status in the U.S. under the J-1 program.

Information required as part of the extension request includes:

  • proof of financial support for the period of time requested
  • confirmation of current US residential address
  • proof of health insurance coverage for the period of extension

Program Transfers

J-1 Scholars may transfer their J-1 Program to the University of Virginia or from UVA to another institution as long as they will be continuing the program/research activities they originally came to the US to pursue.  The transfer process is relatively simple, but you should discuss your plans with an international scholar advisor well in advance.  Transfers require coordination between the two institutions and the effective transfer date must be agreed upon in advance.  The transfer date must be before the program end date listed on the DS-2019 form.  In addition, if the J-1 scholar has applied for the waiver to the 2-year home residency rule, he or she is not eligible to transfer or extend the J-1 program.  If you plan to transfer to another institution please complete the  online Transfer Out  process through the Request Tab in your Scholar profile in ISSP Connect