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SEVIS Address and Phone Standards

ISO cannot keep your legal status active without a compliant U.S. mail and phone entry

SIS Mailing Address Type:

  1. Log onto UVA SIS
  2. On the left blue panel, navigate to "My Profile" and click on "Contact Info:
  3. Enter your U.S. physical address into SIS Mailing address type. 
  4. Enter the street address and Apt, House Number if applicable in Address Line 1 only. Then the city, state and postal code. County is not required.
    Address should be formatted as: Line 1: House Number[space]Street Name[space] Apt Number (if you have one)

If you are unsure of formatting:

  • If you live on-Grounds, Dorm Number[space] Dorm Name[space]Room Number
  • Do NOT ENTER a P.O. Box or UVa department address.
  • Do NOT use punctuation.
  • Do NOT enter the name of your apartment complex, e.g., Grandmarc
  • Do not change the SEVIS address type unless your address outside the U.S. has changed.  If you have entered a U.S. address in the SEVIS address type, please change the field back to your international address.


Please enter a U.S. phone number in SIS

Check the box next to the U.S. phone number as your preferred phone.