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SEVIS Address and Phone Standards

SEVIS Address and Phone Standards

ISO cannot keep your legal status active without a compliant U.S. mail and phone entry

SIS Mailing Address Type:

  1. Log onto UVA SIS
  2. On the left blue panel, navigate to "My Profile" and click on "Contact Info:
    Select "Contact Info" in "My Profile" menu

  3. Enter your U.S. physical address into SIS Mailing address type.

    example of US Address form


  4. Enter the street address and Apt, House Number if applicable in Address Line 1 only. Then the city, state and postal code. County is not required.
    Address should be formatted as: Line 1: House Number[space]Street Name[space] Apt Number (if you have one)
    Physical/Mailing Address example

If you are unsure of formatting: https://tools.usps.com/go/ZipLookupAction_input

  • If you live on-Grounds, Dorm Number[space] Dorm Name[space]Room Number
  • Do NOT ENTER a P.O. Box or UVa department address.
  • Do NOT use punctuation.
  • Do NOT enter the name of your apartment complex, e.g., Grandmarc
  • Do not change the SEVIS address type unless your address outside the U.S. has changed.  If you have entered a U.S. address in the SEVIS address type, please change the field back to your international address.


Please enter a U.S. phone number in SIS

Check the box next to the U.S. phone number as your preferred phone.