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Program Extension

Program Extension

Validity of the Form I-20

Students in F-1 status may be eligible to extend their "complete studies no later than" date on their I-20 if they are unable to complete their final degree requirements by the date indicated. The "complete student no later than" date on the I-20 must be in the future if a student has not yet completed his or her studies, or is not completing those studies during post-completion OPT.  Failure to comply with this important requirement results in immediate loss of one's F-1 legal status.

When to Apply

An application for program extension should be made with the ISO at least 30 days prior to the "complete studies no later than" date on the I-20. Program extensions cannot be granted after the I-20 has expired.


To apply for a program extension you must bring complete the following process:

Program Extension

This process will rely on verification from the department and your funding source.  Submit only 1 request.  You can return to an incomplete application by logging into your TDS Portal.

Note: Graduate students may not extend beyond their seventh year of enrollment without a successful petition from the Dean's office of their school of enrollment.

Shortened Program of Study

If you will be completing your final degree requirement before the "complete studies no later than" date on your I-20, please contact the ISO to obtain a new I-20 documenting your shortened program.