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Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money

Banking While at UVA

Selecting a bank and opening an account is a good idea for your time in Charlottesville, especially if your hometown bank does not have a branch here. Your bank will give you a monthly statement, and most will offer you the option to receive bank documents online if you wish. However, it is still extremely important that you keep track of your account in your own checkbook register. Keeping track of your account should help you avoid overdrafts . Overdrafts can result in costly charges from the bank.  Many banks will ask for a social security number in order to open an account.  If you do not have a social security you can open accounts at both Bank of America and Wells Fargo.  You must take your passport and I-20 or DS-2019 form with you when you go to open your account.

ATM Cards

All banks will give you an ATM card for the purpose of withdrawing cash. Some ATM cards double as debit cards. In other words, you can use the ATM card like a “credit” card in stores, but the money is withdrawn directly from your account immediately. There may also be fees associated with such transactions, so be sure to check with your bank. Here are just a few locations where you can find ATMs on Grounds at UVA or within easy walking distance of Grounds.

ATM Locations

Bank of America

  • UVA Bookstore 
  • Newcomb Hall 
  • University Hospital West Complex - 1300 Jefferson Park Avenue 
  • Main Hospital - 1215 Lee Street 
  • University Medical Center 101 Hospital Drive 
  • Scott Stadium
  • Branch on The Corner (across from the Lawn) 
  • Branch at Barracks Road Shopping Center 
  • University Law School 
  • John Paul Jones Arena – Massie Road

Wells Fargo

  • Branch on Ivy Road 
  • Branch in Barracks Road Shopping Center, Emmet Street 
  • Newcomb Hall — 2nd floor

University of Virginia Community Credit Union

  • Alderman Library – 4th floor
  • Branch on Arlington Boulevard (near Barracks Road Shopping Center) 
  • UVA Hospital Cafeteria – Lee Street (Cash Dispense Only)

Sun Trust Bank

  • Darden School
  • Branch on Ivy Road