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Do You Need a Visa Document from UVa?

F-1 or J-1

Determine first whether you wish to obtain F-1 status or J-1 status. The vast majority of students at UVA choose F-1 status since J-1 status is only available to certain students and often comes with a two-year home residency requirement. More information about each classification may be found here.

Application for Visa Documents

Once you have made a decision about the visa status for which you qualify, complete the appropriate Form I-20 or Form DS-2019 Request Packet as appears in the Relevant Forms box to the right.

Contained in this packet is our Financial Guarantee Form (FGF), with which you will demonstrate that you have sufficient financial capability to attend UVA.  This packet is only for those students intending to be in either F-1 or J-1 status.  Do not submit this form if you do not require visa documents from UVA. Do not submit these documents unless and until you are accepted by UVA and have made the decision to attend.


All incoming students should forward their visa document request materials to their admission office.  Please DO NOT send your I-20 Request Packet to the ISO unless specifically instructed to do so by our office. For a list of admission offices addresses, please click here.


Your admissions office will forward your materials to our office once your file is complete.  We will contact you directly if we need additional information or documentation in order to process your visa document.  We are aware of the time sensitive nature of the visa application process and difficulty in getting a visa interview in some countries and process requests as quickly as we can.  We use DHL Express to mail the document to you and you will receive an email notification directly from DHL when it has been shipped.


Financial Documentation and Requirements

In addition to the FGF, we will need to review your documents which confirm that ready bank funds exist to cover a miniumun of one year of study. Check the FGF for the required amount for your program of study. If the entire sum for all years of study is not immediately available in bank funds, additional documentation - such as a letter of employment for your sponsor - will be needed to demonstrate financial capability to fund the remaining years of study. 

Students receiving funding from their department should indicate the amount of funding on the FGF, and enclose a copy of the award letter from the department.


The FGF includes the Affidavit of Support. This form is often completed by a family member or other credible sponsor to confirm that he or she will support the incoming student. Importantly, every Affidavit of Support must be accompanied by evidence that the sponsor has the capability to provide all of the promised funds for the entirety of your studies.


If a bank statement or bank letter is available from the sponsor to demonstrate that all promised funds for all years of study are already available, that will be sufficient. If a bank statement of this magnitude is not available we will need to see confirmation that the sponsor will earn income in the coming years sufficient to provide the promised support. To demonstrate this, a letter from the sponsor's employer that confirms employment and income in addition to evidence of assets will be required.


Passport as Indicator of Legal Name

Please provide a copy of your passport identity page, as visa documents must correspond to your legal name as it is entered on your passport.