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Check In and Orientation

Step 1: Mandatory ISO Immigration Check In

All new international students holding all non-immigrant statuses are required to check in with ISO. This process can be initiated before you arrive but cannot be completed until after U.S. entry. Completion of this mandatory process is necessary in order to activate your legal status in the U.S..

As part of the online immigration check in, students are required to:

  • Upload
    • Your passport with your visa stamp
    • Your I-94 Admission Number (upload after your U.S. arrival)
    • Your Forms I-20, DS-2019 or I-797
      • Any receipt notices (Forms I-797C) for applications to change or extend status
  • Complete the online orientation presentation and assessment
  • Update personal contact information


Step 2: ISO Orientation Session

If you missed the July 16th International Student Orientation session for students enrolling in Fall 2020, you can view the recording and PowerPoint presentations online. 

Please also check with your department and/or Orientation & New Student Programs for additional orientation events.

Failure to submit your documents to ISO will result in a block on your university registration and may potentially result in a loss of your legal status in the U.S.