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J-1 Academic Training

Academic Training is employment authorization for J-1 students where the employment is directly related to their program of studies.  It may be used during the semester, during breaks in the academic year or directly following the completion of studies.  The length of time a student is eligible for academic training may not exceed an aggregate of 18 months OR the length of the program, whichever is shorter. Post-doctoral academic training may extend to 36 months.

Throughout the period of academic training a J-1 student's DS-2019 must remain valid, and the J-1 student and any J-2 dependents must maintain adequate health insurance. J-1 students who have completed their studies must continue to maintain health insurance that meets the standards for J-1 scholars and exchange students.

J-1 students wishing to apply for Academic Training must submit the following documents to the ISO:

A J-1 student may not engage in academic training before ISO approval.**

J-1 students who carry a DS-2019 that was not issued by U.Va. should contact their program sponsor regarding any employment.