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International Student Support Group

January 14, 2020

The International Student Support Group will be meeting again this semester on Fridays (bi-weekly beginning Jan. 24) from 3-4:15 in 1515 University Ave., Sun Room. This group is open to UVA undergraduate and graduate students as well as exchange students, postdoctoral researchers, medical residents, and international scholars.

A pre-group meeting with the group facilitators is required to join this group. Please contact Dr. Baozhen Xie at or 434-243-5150 if you are interested.

This is a bi-weekly support group for international students to discuss common issues as they adjust to the culture in the U.S. and on UVA Grounds. International students often face multiple challenges, including language, communication, social, and academic stressors in a culturally new environment. This group is focused on:


•             Discussing common issues during international students’  initial and on-going process of cross-cultural adaptation

•             Learning about resources and coping strategies

•             Discussing challenges and rewards associated with living, learning and working at UVA

•             Facilitating personal & cultural growth and academic success

•             Providing a safe and supportive place for connection